LOYNO financial probation

We visited Loyno this past fall and seems like a great school for D20. Then this evening, I read the news about their accrediting agency putting the school on financial probation. It really sounds like the events leaching up to this decision were a complete disaster. Is the new president going to get things on track? How concerned should we be about financial probation? Any current students, parents, or alums have more scoop?

Hmmm… not much response here. Suggestions on where else to post this to get some comments?

I’m a parent of a junior.

I am pretty impressed by the new President, and I think the school has taken some steps to improve the financial situation.

As I understand it, one factor in the financial difficulties was an unusually small freshman class several years ago. Smaller schools can be very vulnerable that way. Apparently the current freshman class was fairly large—I’m in the parent FB grounder and it seems like a fair number of rooms were converted to triples and dorm space was pretty tight. That’s a good sign as far as enrollment numbers.

My daughter has had a good experience there, and I’m not overly worried.

Thanks for your response. The new president seems wonderful and it sounds like she has a lot to clean up from years past. Glad there is not a sense of doom or panic about the future. I’m not sure how common financial probation is, I read somewhere many other schools (Texas Tech is the one I remembered specifically mentioned) have weathered this same storm.

1or2: I had to go back and look, but you were one of the individuals that suggested we check this place out on an older post. Just wanted to say thanks, we did travel there at Thanksgiving and just loved it.

You are welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit.

This local news story explains the situation pretty well. Enrollment is up for the past 2 years. This Year they had a balanced budget for the first time in 6 years.