LOYNO for Computer Information Systems/engineering in general?

Is Loyola a good school for Computer Information Systems? I’m from California, and other schools I’m looking at are mostly in the West (SDSU, SFSU, Denver, UsFCA, USD, etc), and Loyno is definitely the furthest. However, I absolutely love the campus and the city the best, and the university was a great fit for me. Even if the majority of the school’s student body is “local”, I honestly wouldn’t care. I would actually prefer that, considering that the school itself is in New Orleans. so that makes sense haha. My degree would be a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, although I may switch to Computer Science if I can. I know Loyno has a great arts program, what about sciences? Thanks! (:

The bad news is - I’m a Loyola student, and I actually had to look up whether Computer Information Systems was a major here because I’ve never met anyone in the program. The good news is - I’ve learned from my experience at Loyola switching from a bigger major to a smaller one that being in a small program gives you a lot of that one-on-one attention Loyola prides itself so highly on.

Even though Loyola has a rep for being a more artsy school the sciences are pretty strong. I’m thinking primarily bio/chem/physics though. CS isn’t bad, either.

I’m totally biased, but I was choosing between a school that had a good program for the major I wanted, and Loyola, that I felt was a better fit for me. I ended up changing my major, so I would have been really disappointed if I went to the other school. Loyola’s a well-rounded school that has strong areas all around, so I think if the school’s a good fit for you, you should definitely consider it.

Feel free to PM me with any questions!