Loyola Chicago Freshmen Housing

I got assigned a single suite style dorm as a freshman at LUC. Is it common for freshmen to live in a single or should I request a change?

Depending on your personality, if you prefer to have a roommate, then request a change. Some freshmen get singles if they have specific needs such as need for very clean room or don’t want visitors in their room. They consider the answers you gave to the roommate match questions. If you prefer a roommate then request a change but you have to be willing to adjust your needs to match some of your roommate needs. Many freshmen like to have a roommate but there are some who prefer singles. Iam a parent so I don’t know much but it would be nice to hear from a fellow student.

@guava123 thanks – yeah, I don’t have any needs or preferences like that. I just don’t want to be the only one with a single.

You will not be the only one with a single but you will be one of the few with a single. Call them and ask what the single is set up as. It may be a single in a suite so you actually have other students in the suite as your roommates. For example if its a two bedroom suite, one may be a double and the other a single. The lucky student gets the single and the other two students share one room. Before you give up your single ask what the set up of the room is like. Having a single in a 2 or 3 room suite is not bad. You will still share the bathroom and the sitting area with the other students in the suite. Im not sure if that’s the case in your situation but call housing and ask.