Loyola Chicago or some place else?

<p>I got accepted into Loyola Chicago as a transfer.
They only got my college transcript. GPA 2.6 due to a failed class. All others were B's, one A, one C. </p>

<p>Major: french</p>

<p>Other stats (which they didn't see): ACT: 28
HS GPA: 3.8, top 10%, graduated a year early, bunch of APs, etc but that stuff doesn't matter now</p>

<p>I'm having a hard time deciding if I actually want to go here or not.
First of all, communicating with the school has been a pain. They're not responding to emails or calls (they= financial aid, advising, residence life, and student affairs. basically everyone). I haven't even been able to sign up for orientation because they won't respond, and it's getting kind of late.
I still haven't received any information on how my transfer credits are being applied (just that they accepted all except my failed class, obviously.) So I don't know how much of the core I have to do, etc etc. And looking at the major classes I would need, they're either completely full or almost full (one or two seats left.)</p>

<p>I'm thinking of just taking this semester off and applying to different colleges.
(Another thing, I'm kind of sick of Chicago. Getting out wouldn't be a bad thing at all.)</p>

<p>Is it worth dealing with this stuff?
Should I just be a spring transfer?</p>