Loyola Ignatius Scholarship - How do you know if you're invited to apply

Basically what the title says- I was accepted to Loyola Chicago yesterday, and I was wondering how long it usually takes for them to notify you if you can apply. I have the minimum requirements to be invited, I am just wondering when I would know by.

Maybe someone who knows will respond here. Maybe not. Read everything you can find on this scholarship and others at your school. Make sure info is timely. Then call the Admissions Office and confirm the info. You should make sure you verify all info like this firsthand.

I’m not sure when invitations will go out, but in the admission session when we visited, they said anyone with an unweighted 3.5 or higher GPA and 33 or higher ACT is automatically invited. My daughter meets these criteria and has not yet received an invitation.

If you search the thread from last year I believe people said they received invitations in early December but would need to double check to be sure. My son also meets the criteria and has not heard.

If you qualify, it should be listen under the additional applications tab of your portal. It is called the ignatian scholarship competition and is due March 2nd. I never received an email about it so I just checked the portal and there it was. There are other scholarships listed as well in addition to honors program applications

yup - I just had my daughter check her portal and it’s there.

redpanda1637 your information was spot on. Thanks for posting