Loyola Maryland vs. Syracuse - help me choose please!

I’ve been accepted to both, merit to Loyola, nothing from Cuse. I plan to major in communications disorders (Cuse) or speech/language (Loyola). I want school spirit and I’m not sure about Greek life. I don’t want a cliquey school. I’m so conflicted. Syracuse has the better “name” but does that matter? Thank you!

I have a senior at Loyola and a sophomore at Cuse. FYI, Loyola is incredibly cliquey which happens more at smaller schools. To be perfectly honest although my D has received an incredible education at Loyola and has made some wonderful relationships with her professors, I would not send her there if I had it to do again. She chose it largely for the generous scholarship but has been very disappointed in the social construct there. School spirit is also lacking. My S on the other hand has been incredibly happy at Cuse, loves attending sporting events, and has made some good friends even without participating in Greek life. If your parents can afford it, we have been much happier with Syracuse.

My D is down to Fordham, Loyola and Newhouse, Syracuse for communications major - generous merit from Loyola, some merit from Fordham and nothing from Cuse. Tough choice and visiting all 3 again in April. For me though cannot justify full cost for Cuse - no degree is worth $70K+ per year from any college when Loyola is half that cost after merit $$ are take into consideration. We’ll see but Fordham and Loyola is likely final two for my D.

@crazymamaB thank you for your honesty. I appreciate it.

@stepl100 I feel the same way. $70+ thousand is a crazy amount of money to spend. It’s not like they’ll be studying in the French Rivera! Haha! Fordham and Loyola are both great choices as well. At least with Syracuse she got into Newhouse. Mine is in the Arts and Sciences school. I really can’t justify that cost. Plus she is afraid of the cold and gray days. All of her friends are committing and she is freaking out. Sigh.

Loyal and Syracuse are two very different schools that can provide a very different educational experience. My S graduated from Loyola Maryland and my daughter is graduating from Syracuse in a few weeks. Both have excelled and received terrific but very different educations. Both picked the right school and I believe would not have fared as well at the other school.
S is quiet and more laid back. He is naturally very bright and went through the Honors Program at Loyola. We spent a lot more on books per semester for my S than my D. I attended a Jesuit H.S.and Ivy college. I love and am partial to the Jesuits and their teaching style.The core education my S received was terrific. He loves to read and write and received a tremendous well rounded liberal arts education in addition to his business degree. He thrived in the small classes, loved the FAC, the housing, and other amenities offered by Loyola.The semester abroad in New Zealand was wonderful. He needed and thrived in the small classroom environment. As he is quiet and reserved seeking help is not my S’s forte. Loyola brought out his best.
My D had a wonderful experience at Syracuse. She is our type A energizer bunny. D triple majored in three different schools. D’s education was very job and intern focused. D had liberal arts requirements but did not experience the reading and writing rigor our S had. Initial classes at Cuse were larger lectures of 150 or more. D is a go getter so sitting in the front and going to TA and Professor office hours were no big deal for her.
My D would have enjoyed a smaller school but would have felt stifled after several semesters. D was able to spend a summer studying and interning in Italy.
S did not want fraternity life. Loyola was good for him. D loves Greek life at Cuse. (However she has a lot of reservations concerning some fraternities.)
The bottom line is Loyola and Syracuse are both great choices. Academic and financial fit would be my first two qualifiers. I would suggest taking several days off from high school for last minute visits if needed. My S did this in April and picked Loyola. My D picked Syracuse ED. Two very different personalities picked two very different schools. I believe both made the right choice.
Good luck.

@funfatdaddy THANK YOU!! This is exactly what I needed to hear! I’m more reserved, and quiet so when I stepped on Syracuse’s campus today for accepted student day today, I was scared. It’s such a departure from what I’m used to. I love that it has such a fun atmosphere and loved the carrier dome, but left feeling like Loyola may be more of a “fit”. I’m sad because I love the Syracuse name, spirit wear and sports! I just think I might get lost. I appreciate your response and honesty.