Loyola Marymount Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Loyola Marymount Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 15


DD didn’t apply yet but considering. Interested in the school of Film and Television Production. She is worried about the religious classes. If someone can tell us more about this university, its programs and more specifically the film program, it would be great. She has until January 15. Good luck to all who already applied.

I know someone in that program at LMU. The student loves the school and finds it welcoming for other religions. No issues at all with it being too religious.


My kids did not apply, but we toured a few years ago. The school presentation addressed the religious component head on and listed so many classes that really were creative and not traditional bible study. They have that piece too - but seemed like a lot of other options to address that requirement.

We know several kids that attend and none came from a religious/catholic home.

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I know of one kid who went but they are catholic.

Many tour Catholic or Jesuit schools and say they are not necessarily religious. Some, such as Georgetown or DePaul, have for many Jewish students. LMU has some too.

LMU doesn’t shy from its religion. See the last section of the link. Take a tour or have your student connect with a student ambassador. Ask the questions to help inform the decision as to whether to apply. Chapman, btw, is a church based school but you seemed ok with that.

For my kids it would be a no go. But for thousands of others, it’s not.

Only your family could know. Ask, ask, and ask some more of kids directly at the school.


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I was initially worried about the religious classes as well- I’m Jewish but also in general not very religious at all. They explained everything really thoroughly on our tour which was super helpful. Essentially, they have a ton of religious courses other than your traditional bible study, history of christianity etc. If I go (I got deferred :frowning: ) i would probably take something like world religions bc it’s super interesting- and there would be no problem with that


My daughter is a current freshman and had the same concerns as we were doing research the year before applying. In the end, she ended up making it her ED for the school of film and tv. The school is not religious at all and the students certainly have their share of fun. Every class is designed to inspire learning and develop the “whole person”. During her first quarter my daughter actually told me how for the first time she is really engaged in her classes and excited to learn. As for religion classes, she only has one required theology core to take and there are some interesting ones to take. It’s not about learning the Bible but about learning about other people and their beliefs. I am honestly blown away by this school. But FYI the film school especially is incredibly challenging to get into — with an acceptance rate that is closer to 10 percent rather than the regular school’s 45 percent. Good luck!

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My daughter is a LMU senior. She has met her 2 religion class requirements by taking Bioethics (Theology core) and Renaissance art (faith core). There are a ton of offerings for those core reqs. The only core classes that have fewer options are Philosophy and Ethics. She took the “standard” class for each of those and there are tons of sections for them. The Jesuit influence of the campus has been wonderful, but you can completely ignore “religion” and be a student there, with the exception of the stunning Chapel. Our family is relatively agnostic and was a non-issue for our daughter.

How long for decisions?


I don’t know, but last year I think decisions came out on Friday, March 4, so we were hopeful that decisions might be coming out today. Who knows?

Our daughter’s counselor said regular decisions were released last year on March 9, which would be a Wednesday. I have no idea if that is accurate or not.

Decision just came out. DD acccepted for psychology


I think it’s gonna be rolling for tonight. Mine still says in review

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My daughter was accepted, for theatre. She’s very excited! (No word about aid yet, and we would definitely need aid.)

(ETA stats: 3.69 unweighted, 3.73 uw with senior year grades. Not sure about weighted, but I believe 8 APs. 1280 SAT. Drama Club president & many other theatre-related ECs. Submitted audition video.)

My son was waitlisted for film and television production. 4.29 W/ 3.97 UW GPA - he was deferred from EA

I was waitlisted as well.

My son was waitlisted for film as well. Deferred from EA. 3.7 UW GPA 30 ACT

Our daughter was waitlisted. She applied early action for business as was deferred. She has an unweighted 3.6 gpa and a weighted 3.8 gpa. Anyone know anything about the chances of getting off the weight list?

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Daughter accepted for Environmental Studies - 4.0 UW/4.6 W; 35 ACT.


Waitlisted, biology, 3.2UW, 1450 SAT, 7APs
Do I have a chance of getting off the waitlist?