Loyola Marymount or UC school

Hello, My son got accepted to UC Davis and LMU for undergrad. He has hard time to decide between these two. He has scholarship that covers most of the cost for LMU. As far as academic and later go to graduate school, do you know which one would be better? I really appreciate your input. Thank you

Net price (and debt if any) at each?
Intended major?
What kind of graduate school?

covers most of the cost - sounds like a winner to me.

LMU list price is $74k. “Covers most of the cost” can describe a scholarship of $38k (net price $36k) or a scholarship of $73k (net price of $1k). But there is a big difference between $36k and $1k.

I agree - I guess - and we all are different but I see both schools as solid - and in general, unless costs are similar, I always say - save the money.

A student can make any school strong for grad school - but it’s up to them.

Most talk a good game going in - but then don’t take advantage of opportunities beyond class.

We are in between LMU and San Diego State. We are looking to go to Law School. Not sure what kind of grad school you are thinking of. Trying to decide if small class sizes are worth the cost of private school. I dont think we got as much $ as you did from LMU so SDSY is way cheaper. But very large!

Davis is a small town, LA is a big city. Totally different experience. Would love to talk more.

Are you in state for UCD? Does the LMU scholarship make the tuition the same at both schools or is LMU less? What is your son planning on studying?

I live near LMU and have a child at UCD.

Please read the small print on the LMU scholarship. Make sure that the scholarship is merit based and not need based. Check what your son needs to do to continue to receive the scholarship and make sure that it will be the same amount for all four years. What if tuition increases?

Regarding the two schools, they are very different.
LMU is a gated campus in urban Los Angeles. Unlike UCLA/Westwood, it does not have a surrounding college town. It is a small private Jesuit school with 1/4 the number of students as UCD. Off campus housing is more costly.

UCD is an open rural campus with a college town adjacent to the campus. It is a large public school. The median age in the city of Davis is 25 years old and it is a biking campus and community. Off campus housing is inexpensive. Davis has four seasons - it is cold and rainy in the winter and hot during summer. Students at Davis tend to be more outdoorsy, earthy and a bit bohemian. Davis is a friendly, collaborative school.

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