Loyola Marymount University 2024 Waitlist

Do they not take kids off the waitlist usually??

Guys- I just got off the waitlist!!! I got accepted for Animation in the School of Film and Television!!! I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am right now!!!

Did they email you with a status change or update?

I got in too. They emailed me about a status update. Business admin/ marketing

Just got in for screenwriting after being deferred and then waitlisted. Third time’s the charm, I guess!

Congrats guys got that in off the waitlist. I am also on the waitlist and am a bit confused because I spoke with LMU today and they confirmed that those on the waitlist will receive decisions after May 1st because that’s when they will know how many of the regular decision admitted have put down a deposit and committed. @rosegold12 @saladfingers88 @lmmilbert61173

I got off the waitlist too on 4/6!! I wasn’t expecting to hear back until late May so I was super surprised I almost didn’t believe it lol. I wonder when we will hear about aid?

@redsox96554 congrats!! What’s your major?

@carolinekells I’m also on the waitlist and that’s what I was told as well. What’s your major?

congrats to everyone who got off the waitlist! I wonder why they’re admitting ppl off the waitlist already

@emily2343 Thank you! My major is marketing.

my major is marketing as well @emily2343

Does anyone off the waitlist know when we might hear about financial aid?

wait im confused, my admissions counselor from lmu for my region said they aren’t letting anyone off the waitlist until after may 1st…

same… @baywojo24

I’m just as confused! I got WL with regular decision back in March and my letter says I won’t hear until after May 1 if I got off of it, but low and behold, I got the status update on April 6 for admittance. I have no idea why though!!

I think this is an unprecedented year with COVID-19. Many students nationally are deciding to take a gap year.

@lmmilbert61173 wow congrats, I’m interested to know why so many people where accepted from the waitlist a month in advance

Hi everyone! I got an email from my admission counselor for my region. She said that whether they admit students from the waitlist depends on how many admitted students end up committing. Thus, they are typically unable to offer waitlist updates before May 1, but that they could consider looking at the waitlist sooner in light of the crisis. She also said to wait until the deposit deadline of a backup school to commit there, in case they decide to look at the waitlist sooner. So make sure you still have a backup. Hope this helps clarify.

i was admitted off of the waitlist on 4/20!!