Loyola Marymount University 2024 Waitlist

Waitlisted for the 2024 class under a film major. Hard blow considering LMU/Chapman were my go-to colleges for a film major. Still waiting on USC/NYU, but hopes aren’t that high anymore :frowning:

I got waitlisted under psychology. i’m bummed but not completely because at least I was good enough to not get rejected. LMU was one of my top schools. being waitlisted feels weird

I got WL for Animation. 1310 SAT and 3.75 UW GPA. I had strong recs, strong essays, strong portfolio. Just gutted right now. I got rejected at Chapman too ?

Same here. Waitlisted for film production :frowning: It feels weird its like not a complete no but also not a yes. I got waitlisted for Chapman as well and when reaching out to them they said in the past 5 years not a single person from their waitlist has been accepted. I will be reaching out to LMU as well to see if this is the same concept and this waitlist is just a fancy no.

D was waitlisted for dance. She accepted her spot but mentally moved on, knowing that they take nearly no one from the waitlist.

DD was placed on the waitlist. English major, 1320 SAT, 4.25 weighted GPA, 3.99 UW. We were surprised as she got into schools with lower acceptance rates. One odd thing that did happen, was that the link to requested being placed on the waitlist said Class of 2023 when she is actually class of 2024. Not sure if that happened to anyone else.

D was waitlisted for Biology yesterday. Wasn’t expecting her friends with lesser scores and stats were accepted. Also waitlisted at Chapman. Undeclared majors seem to have less trouble getting in. Of course now worried for UCLA, USC and Stanford. Into SDSU. We are OOS.

I think waitlist also means that if you get off WL there will be no aid. LMU is a bit stingy from what we are hearing. Does anyone know about aid after waitlist ?

Did you get into Chapman? It’s a great film school too!

Valley Princess, good question! We wondered the same thing about aid after getting off wait list!

DD waitlisted for Film/TV. Wonder if it’s an impacted program??

Re: financial aid coming off the wait-list. LMU’s site says this: " Loyola is need-aware for admission from the Wait List." What does ‘need aware’ mean? Is it the opposite of “need blind”?

I think it means " we know you need aid but you were our second choice therefore in aid as well". " Need aware". Hmmm. Interesting. DD friend ED to LMU with lower stats, got only 2k in aid. Because they didn’t have to give. I am thinking will apply same to WL, unfortunately. I think WL means if you really want to go you will pay at LMU.

@VivienL LMU has one of the top film schools in the country. One person who spoke to the Dean of the film school was told that they get 2,000 plus applications for about 100 spots in the production major. So yeah, I’d say it’s impacted!

I got waitlisted for political science, I got into chapman so I’m confused why I got waitlisted from LMU cause they have similar acceptance rates. oh well, hopefully I get off it.

NEED AWARE: The ability to pay tuition is factored into the overall admissions decision for applicants. The schools don’t have an unlimited supply of funding, so they are going to fund the students they want and need who don’t need full funding.

@Valleyprincess as an OOS, UCLA and SDSU won’t offer you any state aid. Costs for UCLA are $65K+ per year and SDSU will run ~$45K per year. If you qualify for federal aid, Pell grants are ~$6K per year. Federal loans are about the same. Unfortunately, federal funding does not make a dent in the annual costs needed to attend California public colleges as an OOS.

I was waitlisted for film production. Unweighted 3.89 GPA and 31 ACT. This is my top school and I’m extremely worried. I applied Early Action and got deferred and then put on the waitlist

I was also waitlisted for film production. 4.0 WGPA and 1450 SAT. I heard that it’s tough for LMU’s waitlisted applicants to get accepted…

I just saw that too, but it’s actually for Loyola Maryland! Take a look at the URL.

got waitlisted for film production, apparently a lot of ppl were ://