Loyola Marymount vs University of Southern California

<p>LMU was the school I have always wanted to go to, however after receiving pretty good grades my first two years at another 4 year I realized I could possibly attend a "better" school. I applied and was accepted at both. I now have to choose between the school I have always wanted to go to. Reasons being: smaller size, more peaceful suburban setting, possibly easier transition into a new school. Overall I feel like I would fit into LMU much more and just quicker. I would attend USC due to its name and prestige, which would lead to a lot more potential opportunities later on. Also possibly to try something new and be a part of a large and more socially active university. My major is psychology and regardless I plan on receiving at least a masters. Being a transfer student I either go to LMU to finish my four year degree then get a masters, do the same at USC, or attend LMU for two years and reapply to USC to get a masters there. This has been an extremely stressful and tough decision and I have to make it within the next few days. Any help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>go to usc.</p>

<p>Are you happy at LMU? If not, then transfer. But if you are and just want to transfer because of the name and prestige, I would stay at LMU. If you plan on going to graduate school, I would stay at LMU and go to USC for your masters. The only reason I would transfer is if you are not happy at LMU.</p>

<p>I am not currently at LMU, I was at another 4 year because I was waitlisted there out of high school. So I am transferring to either one. But like I said I feel as though I would be happier at LMU, especially initially. Although say no to a big name school like USC is tough and I understand college is what you make of it. I can be happy anywhere with enough effort.</p>

<p>gotcha, well if graduate school is the end result, go to LMU. I would go somewhere where you are happy and if you think you can succeed there and get to the top, LMU would be the right choice.</p>

<p>Yea, going to take another day of research and thought to debate this. I am leaning towards LMU. I hate the stygma that people who dont get into USC, UCLA, etc go to LMU or chapman etc. I think my case proves that this is not always the case.</p>