Loyola Marymount vs University of Southern California

<p>I have always wanted to attend LMU, but was also accepted at USC. It has been a stressful and tough decision that needs to be finalized by midnight. I like the small suburban setting/environment of LMU, however have heard its extremely quiet on the weekends and doesn't have a whole lot going on. USC on the other hand I like because of the prestige/name and abundance of social activities you can do on and off campus. However I do not like the urban and larger environment as much. Any input or ideas would help.</p>

<p>I went to SC. My daughter goes to LMU. If I could do it over again, I would not have gone to USC. I will always be a Trojan fan for sports, but I found the education just so-so. I also didn't like the whole party thing. It was just too much and a little out of hand, in my opinion, and that was twenty years ago. I can't imagine how it is now.... My daughter goes to SC to visit friends, but she likes the quiet campus of LMU. It will come down to fit and how the school is in your desired major. They are both good schools. Pick where you feel the most comfortable.</p>