Loyola U of Chicago/LUC Class of 2023 Rolling Admissions Thread

Starting a thread for results. My son had his application all completed as of about 10/25. Good luck everyone!

D was just accepted today!!! Good luck to your son ? @TS0104

Congratulations to your daughter! When did she submit?

@Hagiograph applied 8/31 but everything was wrapped up on 9/11 (letters of rec and transcripts)

I was accepted on 10/29 with the President’s Award!

accepted with dean’s scholarship (17k yearly) on 10/31

Congrats @HM0527 @sophhmarc and @rowdaboat !!
I should add that at our info session, they said that they don’t really start reading applications until the middle of October. So I bet she’s one of the first (and good job applying so early!)

Congrats @sophhmarc daughter also received the Presidential scholarship and congrats to @rowdaboat. Will y’all be attending?

@TS0104 thank you so much. Are you still waiting?

Yes still waiting but applied mid-Oct so I’m not thinking it will be that soon. DS is anxious; I have not even told him that I have read on here that answers are being sent out!

@TS0104 that’s a good idea. These kids have so much pressure on them and it’s usually them adding it on. I wish your S good luck and lots of positive energy.

For those accepted did your acceptance come via email?

@singer2 no it did not. My D cheked the status page and it said there was an update.

And how long from the time she applied did she receive the acceptance?

@singer2 D applied on 8/31 but LUC had everything they needed by 9/11 (letters of rec and transcripts) so like 7 weeks.

HM0527 thank you.

i applied on 10/15 so mine took about under 2 weeks

@rowdaboat that’s great! Less stress. Hopefully others will get that quick of a response.

Just received my acceptance today! I applied on August 19th and had all my materials in on September 12th. Go Ramblers!

S applied end of September & was admitted end of Oct with the Presidential Scholarship. Congrats to all! Go Ramblers!