Loyola University Chicago Questions!!!!!

Hello! I’m currently a senior and I just got really interested in LUC. Though I have a lot of questions about it!!

  1. How is diversity there?
  • I am an Asian American and I want to be able to find friends both outside and inside my race.
  1. How are the Education and English programs?
  • Those two are what I’m looking into strongly at this moment and I was wondering how are these two majors there.
  1. Is it suited for people who like quiet time but would also like to go out once in a while to shop etc?
  • I’m generally an introvert but I also like shopping and coffee shops.
  1. How’s the financial aid there?
    -I would need a lot of aid.

Hi! We just moved in our daughter last week. I would say the student body is very diverse (compared to other schools we visited)… and you will not have a problem being introvert or extrovert on campus, so many opportunities to get involved or just hang out. My daughter is more an “introvert” and this is one school (of many visited coast to coast) that she felt most comfortable. Great location, beautiful campus. We are very happy with her choice (and financial aid was generous). My daughter has an academic scholarship that was enough to make the school more affordable and I have heard that need based scholarships are just as generous. Get in contact with the school rep in your area and, if you are really interested, keep in contact and ask him/her a lot of questions. If they see you are interested it definitely helps. Visit the campus if you can, and stay overnight to visit classes. That experience was enough for my daughter to make her final decision on a school.

My son is a sophomore and also Asian. He’s found lots of friends and has enjoyed his time at LUC. Good luck!