Loyola's Cybersecurity and Computer Science programs

I got accepted at Loyola for computer science but I want to know how good their programs are for comp sci and cyber sec. Can anyone tell me? I can’t find anything out about either program.

I know a lot of schools “tack on” these tech programs because it’s currently the tech/computer science boom now. I really want to get a good education and learn a lot with my degree. I want my degree in comp sci or cyber security (if I switch) to be valuable.

Also I want opportunities for internships and jobs while I am at Loyola. Are Loyola’s programs for Comp sci and cyber sec worth it?

I’m in Loyola’s CS program. While its improving, I know that UIC or U Chicago’s programs would probably be way better. If you’re a good self learner then you wouldn’t have many problems. Loyola also has a lot of other things to offer (which is why I stayed despite the CS department).

@Riless Thanks but I dont want to go somewhere that’s “improving”. It’s not there yet and it’s only worth going there if you got a free ride or a huge scholarship.

@Riless Are most of the CS (Software Engineering) classes held at water tower or lake shore campus?