LSA Econ Vs Fisher tOSU,

While we anxiously wait early decisions, anyone have an opinion on the hypothetical situation of an acceptance into LSA econ U of M vs Fisher B school Ohio State? I understand the differences in academics but looking to see if one would be more attractive in the job market. Thanks.

Unless you are looking for a niche job that Fischer for some reason is really good at (do not know what that would be), LSA Econ will be regarded better. This is especially the case for the industries that heavily value prestige (banking/financial services, consulting).

@limdmom My son faced this dilemma a few years ago and chose OSU Fisher over Michigan LS&A for several reasons: he wanted to study business, not economics. Fisher is a highly ranked business school and recognized for excellence in logistics and operations management and info systems and also offers other solid specializations to choose from (accounting, business management, economics, finance, Human Resources, marketing, real estate, insurance). At the time of being a direct admit to Fisher my son was uncertain of what he wanted to major in, so he found the number of choices helpful. He was more interested in exploring these at Fisher than having to settle for a major in an area—economics, that he was not as enthused about. Also the cost of attendance (with the large merit aid Ohio State offered—$12K national buckeye and $3K provost) is $30K less per year than it would have been at Michigan. Despite all the above I have heard that for banking, financial services and consulting, Michigan’s LS&A economics is very well regarded and perhaps more attractive and prestigious than a degree from Fisher, as the poster @yikesyikesyikes noted above. It depends on what your kid wants to study and what his or her career goals are. And what you can afford (without taking on lots of debt) and are willing to pay. Also it depends on how your kid feels upon visiting both schools and seeing where he or she fits in best.

Thank you both for the insight, much appreciated.

@limdmom, can you please tell me what decision your child made? We are facing the exact same dilemma now and are having a very difficult time deciding. OSU offered great money, Honors Program and Fisher. Michigan is offering LSA, no Honors and no money. Help!

I would go with honors at OSU, is easy decision to me. LSA Mich is great, but would choose OSU, for cost and marketability reasons.

I agree with cost, but where are the evidences that OSU Fisher is more marketable than Michigan LSA?

Every business recruiter will want to know why that person wasn’t in Ross. Student could be among top at Fisher and not even in business school in Ross. Michigan clearly is more prestigious school, but if you can’t get into business school vs. a top 20-25 direct business school not to mention the cost difference its a no brainer. and its a much better football school :slight_smile:

For the Class of 2022, Ross only enrolled 447 freshman students. A student can be at the top of UMich LSA and still be very successful. Maybe even more so than a Fisher student. But we don’t have those facts.

Also, Ross accepts about a 100 cross-transfers so there’s always a chance to enroll in Ross later.

“. and its a much better football school.”

But it’s still located in Ohio so…

What do you mean by business recruiter? Unless you are talking about specialized skills like accounting, companies recruit across all colleges in Michigan, not preferentially at Ross. Here’s a list of companies recruiting/hiring from the college of engineering –