LSA or Engineering!

<p>I'm interested in biology and chemistry and want to be a medical doctor in the future. Since p-ton does not have pre-med courses, I have to decide proper major that will prepare me the most for medical schools.
I'm thinking about majoring in biology or chemistry or chemical engineering.</p>

<p>I still do not get the difference between chemical engineering and chemistry. Except that I have to write another essay for the engineering school. </p>

<p>Just to let you know, I am an asian girl, internatoinal student but not a math genious or science genius. And, I'm applying early decision. If this fact makes any difference. </p>

<p>Reading other threads, it seemed like there are many ED appliers who have great science hooks that I cannot even imagine.
I'm not that competitive and I guess they are all gonna apply to the engineering school.
I have some hooks but those are not related to science anyway..... it's musical thing.</p>

<p>does applying to which school make any difference in admission? </p>

<p>Can someone help me with this?
I have to decide as soon as possible so I can work on the additional essay<em>sigh</em></p>