LSAT averages, costs, and more...

<p>A few random LSAT questions:
How much does it cost to take this test?
What type of test is it (multiple choice, essay, combo of both)?
What is the highest possible score?
How hard is it (possible %tiles) to get a 155+?
What is the average score on the test?
What is the lowest possible score?</p>

<p>The registration fee for the LSAT is $115. Late registrants must pay an additional $58.</p>

<p>MC Test with one essay at the end that wont be scored but will be sent to your law schools, I guess to show that your personal statement was written by you</p>

<p>180 max</p>

<p>I think 156 or something is the national avg </p>

<p>120 lowest</p>

<p>more info at <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Try 151 for the national average. 156 is about 65-70th percentile.</p>