LSAT easier than SAT?

<p>Anybody here think the LSAT is easier than the SAT?</p>

<p>I'm not saying that if you gave a high school junior an SAT and an LSAT, that he would find the LSAT easier. But if you took one student, and gauged how much difficulty the SAT gave him as a high school applicant, and gauged how much difficulty the LSAT gave him as a law school applicant, I think he could very well have found the LSAT easier.</p>

<p>I always found Critical Reading on the SAT quite easy. The LSAT's Reading Comprehension is practically a carbon copy of that section, and Logical Reasoning is a related concept. So by prepping for the SATs, I had already readied myself for 3/4 of the LSAT. The only new thing was Logical Games, which after getting used to, is not that difficult.</p>

<p>The Math section of the SAT was what troubled me. </p>

<p>So for people who did well on the Critical Reading section on the SAT, and presumably developed their reading and thinking abilities in college, I feel like the LSAT should be quite easy.</p>

<p>I agree to a degree. They are different types of test. I hated the vocab on the SAT. Then again, I didn't do any studying for the SAT and I've been working on the LSAT for 2 and a half months.</p>

<p>I think the LSAT is a test of method more than knowledge.</p>