LSAT Prep Questions

<p>Ok, so i have some pretty basic questions about the LSAT that I hope somebody can answer for me:</p>

<p>1) How many attempts can one take? I mean, do two attempts look bad?</p>

<p>2) What is the best lsat prep book one can buy in addition to taking a kaplan course?</p>


<p>1) I would recommend two max. LSs will usually average your scores.
2) I haven't heard great things about Kaplan. Most people recommend the TestMasters course and taking the previously-released LSATs (they're in 3 books published by LSAC) and the recent ones, I think after LSAT #40 or so. Check out Amazon.</p>

<p>Ndbisme, esq.</p>

<p>My daughter took Kaplan and found the lectures to be sort of a waste of time, but the resources and reading room to be excellent. She took the Kaplan course last spring, came home from school in May and studied very diligently for about 3 weeks before the June, '04 exam. She got a 180.</p>

<p>Now she's teaching the prep course given by PowerScore.</p>

<p>Awesome on the 180. I hope I'll do that well in two years :).</p>

<p>any other suggestions?</p>