Lse - Ir - Ps

<p>I am interested in pursing my Ph.D at LSE and had a question. Is there a vast difference in these two programs ( International Relations - Political Science) as far as prestige or admittance difficulty goes? I noticed both departments offer a Ph.D and was wondering if ones "easier" to get into than the other as I had seen someone say IR is the toughest with PS and Government being easier...any truth?</p>


<p>I didn't really find that either IR or PS was considered any more "prestigious" than the other. But I do have a question for you. I couldn't find funding to do an MSc for a year, how are you planning on funding a PhD? I really am kinda sad that I have the option to go, but don't really because I can't get the $$$.</p>

<p>Well I plan on funding my Ph.D regardless of where it may be in two ways LSE included. I went to CC and got my fresh-soph years done for about 1k dollars (lived at home didnt buy books etc) which allowed me to save a bunch of money and waltz out with a 3.7 ( I love community college ;), so I have a lot saved after that. I also own a condo I plan on renting while I live somewhere else. I figure I am just going to try for loans and any assorted money that might be available and if not pay for it out of pocket and get a job on campus.</p>

<p>My only issue with LSE is the fact that I can get my MA elsewhere for half the price. I'm really interested in the options that LSE offers, but I can't quite make myself swallow the idea of $40K in loans for a 1 year MSc.</p>

<p>I agree as I am doing my masters elsewhere in california. As far as my Ph.D I figure being in debt is part of the game.</p>


<p>I disagree wholeheartedly. Most of my friends in PhD programs have paid little to nothing because of fin aid, grants, and TAing. A professor of mine even suggested that you apply only to programs you like, and then base your entrance partly on the willingness of the department to fund you. </p>

<p>I imagine that LSE fin aid is better for the PhD than the MSc, however.</p>

<p>Where you doing your MA?</p>

<p>I am going to try to get funding as much as possible however I really have 0 debt so far so I dont care (sounds dumb but oh well). I just dont really expect sceince type funding (free ride with 30k stipends on a poli sci degree) maybe I am wrong. I am doing my M.A in IR at a small private university ok funding 2k in grants per quarter, loans and fellowships probably a few thousand in debt when I am done however I plan on just paying it off when its convienent cause I have the money and its just going to be in govt interest paid loans. I just ended up saving money attending school so close to where I own my home and I didnt feel like moving anywhere for my M.A. I got a bit better funding at places like Fulelrton UCR and Lon Beach I jsut didnt like any of those schools so i said screw it</p>

<p>Don't discount the opportunties for funding on a poli sci PhD. A buddy of mine is at Stanford, and his degree is 100% funded. What is the name of said small private? I'm from CA, so I probably know.</p>

<p>LSE is a good name in the field, but unfortunately does not seem to provide a lot of funding to its students. If you can get in (it seems like you need a minimum 2.1 or 1 in terms of British honours) then I definitely would consider it.</p>