L'Shana Tova

Wishing all a safe, healthy, and happy new year!

Ah, what a difference from being with family the first night, and GF the second. At least 30-40 people at each. I have a friend coming from 2 hours away for tomorrow. I ordered a dinner for two. I have flowers and will set a nice table, but still. Next year, may everyone live in peace and harmony.

One silver lining is that I can wear slippers to services. And I don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, or finding seats away from the chatty contingent. Just trying to find something positive to consider… Having just the two of us has been the usual most of the time since we moved. The honey cake and chopped liver are done - and it was hard to track down chicken livers!

I am glad I got the new desktop, monitor, and webcam in time. Son will join us to watch virtually from far away.

L’Shana Tova to all who celebrate! Will have 2 kids and DIL for dinner tonight and 1 kid tomorrow. Smallest holiday table I’ve set in decades. Services tomorrow on YouTube. Hoping for a happy, sweet, healthy and safe New Year for all.

My family recipe for brisket includes Kitchen Bouquet which seems to be missing from the grocery store shelves. My aunt mentioned it last week, and I assume she just didn’t want to run to multiple store; I don’t blame her. My daughter called last night, she lives out of state, and says she has called or been to 6 stores; no one has Kitchen Bouquet. I google to see if it has been discontinued and the first hit gave me my answer. It is made by a sub company of Clorox; guess they are busy with other products :wink:

We are going to have dinner tomorrow night, mainly for my mother; she is having trouble with being home as well as my dad’s death last year. It will just be 6 of us and we will stay outside on my aunt’s deck; social distancing in place. This will be the first time we will be dining with others and I am a bit nervous, but think it will be ok.

Happy Healthy New Year to all.

Shana Tova to my CC friends! I am alone tonight. Tomorrow, Zoom Rosh Hashonah in person with my daughter and niece, rather than a big family gathering in MA. Bittersweet but not as awful as Zoom Seder during the worst of Covid in NYC! I thought this was a blessing with Jewish origins but Google tells me it’s Irish. No matter, it fits the times: May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.

L’shana tova to all of you. Just DH and I at home, altho all the years kids were in college/grad school, it was only us.

Just video chatted with S1, DIL and the grandkids who were enjoying the challah DIL made. Wish we could be with them.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy new year.

L’shana tova to everyone. May the new year bring good health, happiness and some semblance of normal for us all.

Shana Tova to you all!

                                                              ! שנה   טובה 

For those that did online synagogue today, how did it go? I will admit, I washed up and put on exercise clothes and joined with my cup of coffee. While I loved the idea of not having to get dressed up, and wondering if I just put on the dress I wore last year, it felt odd. Enjoyed the Rabbi’s sermon, but he is nothing like our senior Rabbi; the one that drew us to this synagogue in the 80’s. The newer Rabbi did not mention RBG, which I predicted; the senior Rabbi would have had a politically charged sermon.

I’ve been streaming services from a temple nowhere near where I live for several years because I really couldn’t tolerate the rabbi at our temple. So not being dressed up was normal for me. It was odd seeing the empty sanctuary in the livestream - only rabbis, cantors, organist & a few choir members. All were socially distanced and the organist and choir members were masked. The torah reading and aliyah were done by Zoom; the shofar was pre-recorded outdoors.

The rabbi started the service talking about RBG, and she was talked about again before kaddish.

Our shul used Zoom. Different people led parts of the service. Technology worked and people are comfortable with it, thanks to daily zoom minyan the past few months. Ironically, pre-covid, our minyan was perpetually under-attended and there was serious consideration to reduce/eliminate it. Now we have 15-20 people for evening minyan all the time, and we worked out the technical kinks before HH.

It was much more interactive than livestreaming, according to a congregant I talked to this am who attended our service and afterwards popped in on Adas Israel’s service (major synagogue in DC). He found Adas’s dark and empty sanctuary depressing.

OTOH, our congregation found out about RBG at the end of the service via the hazzan’s husband. A huge collective, emotional response.

L’shana tovah to all, and may the coming year bring health and peace to all.

We enjoyed the Zoom service at our Shul. The Rabbi talked about RBG and systemic racism in his sermon, and the prayer for our country was delivered by Justice Stephen Breyer (via Zoom). Lifted my very low spirits.