Hi I was accepted into UPenn’s Dual Degree LSM program which gives me admission to the Wharton School and CAS which has been a dream of mine to combine my main interests, science/medicine and business. Life would not be easy in that program, especially if I went through with my goals of taking the MCAT to get into med school, but I also have an alternative route and/or a distinctive quality as a med applicant being accepted into the #1 undergrad business school. I was also accepted to another dream of mine, the Case Western Reserve PPSP 8-year guarantee med program, which gives me a relatively easier road to becoming a doctor in a relatively good med school. I’m really conflicted on which program to take because I know I want to become a doctor without a lifetime of stress but I also have another amazing route that could lead me anywhere. Please let me know your experience, thoughts, suggestions! (I know this is a UPenn forum so I guess it’s biased but I want to know as much as I can about both routes!)

Penn LSM is amazing and admits only the cream of the crop. You are right to say that is will be a hard and intense raoad to medical school through Penn and LSM, especially to your alternative where you are already set. Just come down to whether you are willing to take a higher risk which can result in a higher reward or go the safe route. I just want to point out that if you were admitted to LSM it means you are prob at the top compared to the rest of the Penn admits so you could very well compete here as a pre med with other students. and if you found LSM too much to handle as a pre med you could switch out of t and do either just CAS or just Wharton as a pre med. again either way it depends on your level of ambition and if you would be willing to take some additional risk.

My S has the similar situation: UPenn LSM vs NW HPME vs Brown PLME. Welcome any comments to help him make the decision

@PPSPorLSM @J2H239 I’m an LSM grad, would be happy to talk to you both. PM me if it’s something that you’re interested in.