LSU class of 2025

Has anyone heard back from LSU on acceptance? My son applied 8/2. We had all of his paperwork, including letter of rec in by mid Aug. We just received an email on 9/29 with log in portal info to check his application status.

I know this is rolling admission, so assuming they look at the application date 0f 8/2 and not date application was downloaded by college.

My son applied the first week of Sept but it took almost 2 weeks for them to email him portal access, which seems strange!

So, we are waiting here along with you!

it took 7 weeks for our email to get portal access. Hopefully we hear good news soon.

Good luck

@coltcali – Same! My daughter applied 8/1, we got our portal access on 9/28-- everything is checked off as complete, but we haven’t heard anything else yet!

Rumor has it, the first wave of acceptances go out in Oct. Hopefully this week.

@coltcali Yes, can confirm.

I actually called undergrad admissions today and they said the first round of admissions will be out in next 1-2 weeks.

My son’s acceptance email to LSU & the Ogden Honors College for Fall 2021 just came through about 45 minutes ago!

@klowie great news and congratulations! I will have my son check his email. fingers crossed.

@klowie How did you hear about the Honors College admission? Was it mentioned in the acceptance letter posted on the portal?

Where was the acceptance letter posted?

The Honors College admission was in the acceptance letter. It said, “Congratulations on your admission to LSU & to the Ogden Honors College!”

The acceptance letter was posted on the admissions portal. He received an email that told him to check the portal because a decision had been made.

Thank you! ???

I applied to LSU on october 23. does anyone know when i will hear back? i got my portal login the day after i submitted my application

My son applied on 10/14 & was accepted on 10/22.

@klowie wow that was quick! Do you mind sharing his stats?

Hi. I applied on 9/29 and still have not heard back. Does anybody know when the next round of decisions is coming out?

just got accepted today applied 8/2 The long wait is over

That’s great news! Congratulations to your son! I’m sorry I never replied to your question about stats…it’s been a crazy week! So, is your son definitely going to LSU? It’s definitely my son’s #1 choice, but we’re OOS (GA), so it will be hard to justify paying OOS tuition if he doesn’t get merit money…especially when we have such great state schools in GA and tuition is free with the Zell Miller Scholarship. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

@coltcali - So funny- we got accepted yesterday as well! Exciting day at our houses!! Did y’all apply to UT? It’s my daughter’s top choice (not mine bc I’m an Aggie-lol) Still waiting on that one- could be a LONG wait