LSU Early Action Fall 2022 Admission

My daughter was accepted on 10/14. The decision was listed in her portal and then a follow up letter came in the mail a few weeks later. She has not received any information regarding scholarships or merit awards and the only option in her portal is to accept and pay enrollment fee or withdraw acceptance. Has anyone else encountered this? Just seems strange that you would have to pay an enrollment fee in order to see if any financial aid is awarded :woman_shrugging:

Same here. Got email with acceptance but no info on scholarships. However, acceptance was only 2 weeks ago.

I submitted my application October 27th. My admissions portal says that they received all of my information but i still haven’t heard back. I’ve been accepted to every other school that i applied to but i’m still waiting on LSU. It’s getting frustrating and i’m beyond anxious lol. I’m starting to think i won’t get accepted. My act score was 22, gpa was a 3.4, and a 281 class rank. Perhaps it’s coming soon. I was thinking around the 15th they might release decisions, takes time.

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I do not think based on my previous experience with my daughter that this is uncommon. She got most of her notifications in late December or January.

Got the pop-up in the mail today. Son is happy but anxious to see what type of offer he receives.


DS applied on 12-10 and was accepted yesterday, 12-16. Very surprised he heard back within a week. No scholarship offer yet

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Son was invited to Ogden Honors. Hope scholarship info comes soon.


Has anyone heard anything regarding Scholarships, Merit Awards or Ogden Honors? Website states that Top Merit Scholarships finalists would be notified in late December but I have not seen where anyone has heard anything.

We are still waiting on a decision. DS applied in mid/late October and he still hasn’t heard anything.

My son was accepted to Ogden back in October, and we haven’t heard about merit scholarships yet either. I haven’t seen anything online where anyone has heard anything either.

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same here. acceptance to Ogden back in Oct/Nov but no word on any merit yet.

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We’re OOS also and haven’t heard anything about merit scholarship. I called the office of admissions today to inquire, and they said due to large applicant pool this year it’s taking longer to get scholarship info out. They said to expect to hear hopefully by late January. They said it will come by regular mail.


My daughter was accepted early December. Letter said application for Ogden Honors College is still under review. Should receive a decision by end of March. I am hoping to receive Merit prior to March.

My daughter was accepted in October. We have not heard anything regarding Ogden Honors or merit.

Received acceptance to Ogden last week. No information on Merit yet.

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How did you receive it? Was it email to your personal email?

My son was also offered invitation into Honors college last Friday evening and the notification was via email. He hasn’t received anything on scholarship/merit award as of yet either.

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Anyone have information on Ogden Honors scholarships? Is there a special application you need to fill out?

I think in the notification email it said something about the various Ogden scholarships and I think it gave a link with information on them and what was available, and I’m pretty sure there is a separate application. I don’t know, though, if there’s just one application for all of them, or if it requires more than one application. We will have to go back into the site and see if we can figure it out.

Yes. Email to personal email.