LSU Transfer Admission?

<p>I'm a student at Texas Tech, I don't have the best grades, but they're "OK"... (I don't need anyone to tell me to get my grades up, I know that... so please refrain from telling me that)</p>

<p>I have about 60 hrs of credit and a 2.6 GPA. On the LSU website, they say they are looking for around a 2.5 to get in. Do you think I have a pretty good chance of getting in? What are my chances percentage wise do you think?</p>

<p>Also... for my friend, he has worse grades... like around a 2.2 or so, what are his chances? He called and said they told him that if he is around a 2.5 (so I'm guessing a 2.3/2.4 they could maybe let him in as a "visitor student' as in he would be pretty much on probation and would be kicked out if he didn't get a 2.5 or higher in that semester... what are his chances do you think?</p>


<p>You have a 77% chance and he has a 53% chance.</p>

<p>wow thanks for the insight</p>

<p>LSU takes a ton of kids from Texas. They will probably take you. Your friend needs to raise his GPA, though.</p>

hahahaha: how do you figure his friend has a 53 percent chance?</p>