Lucky & talented people who were accepted to Vanderbilt

<p>Now that all college decisions have been sent out...</p>

<p>will you be going to Vanderbilt next year?</p>

<p>(or are you still pending for FA?)</p>

<p>pretty sure. Stanford just rejected me so I'm sure Harvard will too :( but I got the CV scholarship and enough FA to go to vandy for free so it's not a hard decision for me :)</p>

<p>yes I will be attending next year :) Vandy was my top choice and they gave me a really good FA package so the decision was easy to make!</p>

<p>I'm 99.999999999% sure that I will be at Vandy in the fall. I want more $$$ from them... they gave me ZILCH. I can't exactly whip out $55k every year. I'm really going to make this work.</p>

<p>Short answer: YES. I'm going. I hope to see you there, Hillary. Do you have Facebook? PM me if you do; I'd love to chat outside of CC.</p>

<p>After getting a heart full of rejection daggers from H, Y, P, and S, it's down to Vanderbilt and Duke.</p>

<p>I'll visit both this month, and let y'all know what I decide :)</p>

<p>I think stanford rejected everybody that isn't super-rich or has had family go there or who doesn't live in california or who didn't intern with Jesus lol</p>

<p>You guys all seem so interesting! I really hope I get off the waitlist. And if not, well, you can bet I'll be somewhere enjoying myself and working hard. That's just what Hillarys do.</p>

<p>Lauren, what makes you think financial and legacy considerations are any different at Stanford from Vandy? Curious.</p>

<p>cuz Vandy let me in :) and gave me a crapton of free money and I saw people get in to stanford with lower stats than me, and I don't have legacy ties to either</p>

<p>haha yeah i didnt get into stanford ea despite my ballin act (35) was probs my essay and lack of legacy XD for them lol ...i have yet to know of anybody in my area who has been accepted there.</p>

<p>but w/e i'm about 90% sure vandy is where im going :D</p>

<p>vanderbilt is still an amazing school and we are all too attractive for stanford anyway :) haha</p>

<p>^ That's exactly how I feel about both Vandy and Duke:
they're the schools that all the beautiful, socially competent smart kids go to ;)</p>

<p>Btw, Yale's RD rate was 5.4%. Stanford had more apps (although I think their class size is a bit bigger), so their rate was probably similar. 7.5% total, including SCEA. Yikes.</p>

<p>wow that's like harvard's rate</p>

<p>Yeah Lauren, I still think you're just kind of beating up on Stanford for no reason. Had you gotten in, I'm sure they would have been just as generous with financial aid. There are also plenty of people here that get in partially due to donations or important legacies. Isn't Stanford also filled at least to an extent with attractive, socially intelligent people (although the student body might be more along the lines of Duke's)? </p>

<p>A lot of people would argue that Stanford is a better school overall than Vandy, though not so much in the South. They're like everyone else, legacies and money influence decisions.</p>

<p>Okay, I got a financial aid package from Johns Hopkins and they gave me the ULTIMATELY MOST FLAK ON FAFSA AND THE CSS PROFILE.</p>

<p>And then they gave me enough financial aid for me to go there practically for free. So I'm pretty sure Vanderbilt has me going on air as well. But Johns has a more stringent program for my major, so I'm probably going there. </p>

<p>Thing is, it's so doggone cold! Tulane accepted me as well... and Oglethorpe in Atlanta.. and NYU... I'm not sure... even if they all gave me the same amount of financial aid. Johns is lookin' the best.</p>

<p>Yeah it has come down to Tulane and Vanderbilt for me now. I'm going to Vanderbilt one last time for one of the open houses and then I'll make my call. I have been set on Tulane for a while now and I really love it there but I don't know if I'm going to be able to turn down a school like Vandy. The packages I got made them cost within a thousand of each other. We'll see!</p>

<p>I might just be bitter lol. I got a merit scholarship to vandy though, that's the only reason I can afford it anyway</p>

<p>I'll be going to vandy! (assuming i like it when i visit this weekend...)</p>

<p>Between Tulane and Vandy, I would have to see the financial aid packages. Neither have sent theirs yet. But, if Johns Hopkins wasn't a factor, I would rather have Tulane give me more money so I would go there. I have a lot of family and I love the weather. </p>

<p>But they are similar in a lot of ways. The students, the campus, and nearby zoos. It would be a hard choice.</p>

<p>Legacy admits at Vandy are never easy. The latest legacy casualty that I am aware of is a classmate of my D who had to add a second page to the list of family members who are Vandy alums. This, plus the fact that this student had a close relative who helped get the engineering program going and family has been kind financially to Vandy as well.
This student is very bright but was not as competitive academically as the other kids in their class who did get admitted.</p>