Luggage Size

<p>How much am I allowed to bring as far as luggage size is concerned? I'm going into a unit 2 triple and I'm looking at some stuff that's reccomended to buy but I'm worried about where all this stuff is going to go. Also do I just bring two large suitcases and empty my stuff and store the suitcases elsewhere? How's all this work?</p>

<p>When I moved in, I flew from across the country with my family. I used their luggage for most of my stuff, so they took the bags with them when they went back to my hometown. I did, however, keep a carry-on sized rolling bag in my triple. The double desk under the lofted bed is actually REALLY deep. I just kept the bag under/behind the desk. I also had a large plastic storage bin under there and everything fit fine.</p>