<p>As I commuting student, I am looking for some place to eat that is cheap and provide hot food.... Any suggestion? Going to class 5 day/ week, that would be very expensive.
Also, do u know how much does dorm food cost per meal?</p>

<p>Chipotle is REALLY good but i guess its not that cheap...</p>


<p>Cheese-n-Stuff. Probably doesn't count as hot, but a $3.50 sandwich in 3 minutes, filled with meat, cheese, and greens is not to be beat. It tastes pretty damn good too. Naan-n-Curry has potato or garlic naan for $2 and cheese or beef naan for $3. Haven't tried the curries, but the naans are tremendous.</p>

<p>The Desi Dog stand is right outside Sproul. Hot dog for $2.50 (a dollar less from 5-8PM), and you can put whatever condiments you want on it. Although the taco truck next to it is hella better.</p>

<p>Fat Slice or Blondie's, you can get a thin-crust pizza slice of decent size for like $3. You're out of luck if you don't like the thin-crust crap.</p>

<p>Cal</a> Dining - Residential Dining - Non-Residential Meal Plans 07-08</p>

<p>Blondie's is always great. I guess you can get thin-crust there if you want (never tried it, to be honest), but most people get it with regular crust. Desi Dog is fantastic if you get one from 5 - 8 PM (It's $1.50 then, which is way better than spending a whopping $3 at Top Dog; I admit Top Dog tastes a LITTLE better, but $3 is a lot).</p>

<p>You can find the cost of "dorm food" here:
Cal</a> Dining - Residential Dining - Location</p>

<p>I recommend calorie</a> restriction. </p>

<p>Certainly all the suggestions above will do nothing good for your health.</p>

<p>At the corner of Shattuck and Addison, there is a sandwich shop called "The Sandwich Zone" that has a good deal on sandwiches. Their deli sandwiches are $3.99, huge (if you order a sourdough roll, ESPECIALLY huge), come with a free drink between 11am and 2pm, and have whatever basic toppings you'd like. It's $4.99 if you want some kind of hot sandwich.</p>

<p>Great place. :)</p>