Lying about trauma?

Hi. Not sure where to post this. I have a close friend that is apparently reaching out to her alma mater in an effort to get two semesters of bad grades changed to withdraws. Looking it up it seems like those sorts of things happen but I’m concerned how she is doing it. She is essentially lying about having mental illness and having a friend write a letter to back her up to help her case. Is she committing a crime?

She will need documentation from a professional. Hoping the friend is not pretending to be a professional. It is not easy to fool colleges on this kind of thing. I think your friend needs to post about this themselves but it’s nice of you.


She seems pretty set on it and doesn’t think there’s any reason not to do it. I’ve tried the ethics route but if she’s at risk of committing fraud and facing charges I’d like her to know.

You can’t post about someone else. I believe.

In any case I am not sure if you are confirming that a friend is posing as a professional.

No. They are just backing up her story.

That won’t do anything for her case so don’t worry.

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Her friend’s letter, unless written on official letterhead and accompanied by official medical notes, test results, and medical diagnosis, will be all but worthless. And as asking for a friend posts are not allowed, I am closing.


Username checks out. :joy: