Lyman Briggs vs. Natural Science?

<p>Just want to know which one people recommend for premed.</p>

<p>Oh my god...same exact question dude...</p>

<p>I did some calling today and here's what I found out. </p>

<p>Today I talked to an academic advisor at MSU named Carolyn Sekedat. She said that for a medical school it really doesn't matter whether you do Lyman Briggs or College of Natural Science. This makes sense because as I'm sure you've heard Medical Schools don't care about your major. You can do anything from drama to human biology and it wouldn't count for or against you. I even called the Office of Admissions at U of M MED school and asked and they said for them they really don't appreciate Lyman Briggs more than anything else. Here's the thing Mrs. Sekedat (MSU Advisor) said though about Lyman Briggs; it's a close knit learning community to there's a smaller class size and you will get to know your professor's a whole lot better than if you were in Natural Sciences. This might give you a slight heads up for Letters of Recommendation. Now looking at the Course List for Natural Sciences: Human Biology vs. Lyman Briggs: Biology it looks like Lyman Briggs gives is more broad and makes the individual more balanced while Natural Sciences: Human Biology puts a huge emphasis on well...human biology like virology, immunology, hematology, etc etc...</p>

<p>I am still deciding on what I should do so I'm not going to recommend anything to you yet. </p>

<p>I think this is a really important question many people have so I think more people should give their input.</p>

<p>thanks this helped a lot. I still dont know what to do yet either. I don't really want to go to lyman briggs cause of the small classes and dorms. I wouldn't mind small classes but I would like big classes for english and history. Yet if Lyman Briggs students have a mixture of classes within their dorms and outside I will consider. Also when you mention huge emphasis for human biology in college of natural science would that be a good thing? I dont know what to do and I need to know before applying in august.</p>

<p>i know people in both, either is a respectable choice. It really just comes down to personal decision. Don't worry, no matter what you choose you will have bigger classes for english and history. Lyman briggs students don't just take lyman briggs classes...they still have to take all of the general ed classes that is required for all of MSU. So no matter what, you will always have classes outside of holmes/lyman briggs. One of the things about being in lyman briggs over college of natural science - is that you will always have someone to study with as a lyman briggs student (as you are living with a bunch of them). As a college of natural science major, it is often harder to find others to work with (who have similar majors) because they are placed all over campus.</p>

<p>yeah that is a big negative for being apart of natural science..i kind of figured that. but i'm pretty individual worker so I can try and manage</p>