M.Ed. admission question

<p>I am wondering about the admission processes for the top 25 or so M.Ed programs in the United States. I am currently a teacher in Houston, Texas with two years of experience. I have done well in my short time teaching earning teacher of the year awards and being awarded a leadership position as a grade level chair.<br>
My undergraduate grade point average was horrid. There are a ton of reasons why, but I won't waste time with them. However, when it is all said and done, I probably have a cumulative undergrad GPA of around 2.2.<br>
I am currently however enrolled in a Master of Arts in Teaching program through Louisiana College. I understand that this isn't the best college in the world, but I currently have a 4.0 GPA through 15 hours. My overall question would be if I maintained this GPA for the rest of my M.A.T. (I feel I am a much better student now that I am older, have a job that keeps me off of welfare unlike my undergrad years....) would I have any opportunity at a Top 25 M.Ed. program? I have not taken the GRE and I do not have any research experience, but any advice to achieve that would be appreciated as well.</p>