M&TSI 2021


I am from India and will be a junior in the next year. I will apply to M&TSI as a sophomore at the end of this year so that I attend M&TSI next year. I heard it is pretty competitive so wanted to know what my chances are with these stats:

Unweighted GPA - 4.0/4.0

Standardized Tests - PSAT (freshman year) - 1400 (99 %ile)

MAIN INITIATIVE- Founded an organization that connects people to NGOs in my region via which they can volunteer to teach the underprivileged. People can also donate books, money, and other such things related to education for the underprivileged.

ECs - Part of school technology club; captain of my school’s basketball team; 4 muns; attended AI Inspirit 2019 (Stanford students’ camp); multivariate calculus and linear algebra on Coursera; shot put bronze and discuss gold.

Awards - stood in top 300 in India in competitive programming; awarded winners certificate in BRICS online math competition for scoring a 70/70; subject excellence awards in 8 subjects through school;

What are my chances?

any other suggestions as to what I could do to increase my chances at M&TSI?

I attend M&TSI this year. From experience I noticed that a lot of the students were very technologically savvy. So I recommend you partake in tech projects which you can show off in your application (an application of your programming skills will show that you would be able to make significant contributions to your team).

Based on your credentials, you have what it takes to get in. However, I believe that this year there was only one student living in India who attended. This is because of the time-zone restrictions due to the online format. So if you are willing to attend classes through the night, I would make that clear in your application in case the program is also held online next year.

I would say your chances are great, but I am not sure because I know they did restrict admits by timezone this year.

Anyone applying this year?

@applicant2324 I’m a current junior (from India) and I’m applying to both m&tsi and essentials of finance. I have a couple questions I was hoping u could answer them privately.

I just submitted my application.