MA in teaching offered at MHC

<p>For middle and secondary school education, See:</p>

<p>Master</a> of Arts in Teaching (MAT) :: MAT :: Mount Holyoke College</p>

<p>Is this new?</p>

<p>With a MA in psychology also being offered at MHC, does this now qualify MHC as a "university" ? MHU ?</p>

<p>I believe Universities have to offer Doctorates in at least some fields. It's funny; Mary Lyon began Mt. Holyoke as a seminary to train women to lead as educators of high quality, but at least when I was there in the 80's, the education department was not given much focus; after all, women are able to be anything they want to be, why teach? - it seemed as a woman wanting to teach, one was disappointing the sisterhood! It's nice to see the college once again paying some attention to the importance of highly trained educators and encouraging the career choice!</p>

<p>@ConCerndDad - I'm a MHC alum and yes, it's brand new! No, having a couple masters programs does not qualify a liberal arts college to be a university (or even a "master's college"). MHC also offers a master's in psychology...and Smith has had a MSW program for quite some time as well.</p>