MAC 2311 Kozinski--awful?

<p>Freshman S is taking Calc 1 (MAC 2311) in the Fall, got a 4 on AP Calc A/B test and is proficient in Calculus. He has read the reviews of Kozinski and they are the worst. It appears that he may be teaching my son's lecturer. Should he try to get another prof or not? I heard Jane Smith is not much better. Any info please advise.</p>

<p>jane smith is slow. had kozinski last semester. he's pretty intense, but he's an excellent lecturer. he smells kinda funny, but he's easy to talk to after class, and very smart.</p>

<p>i would not recommend switching out. that class isn't easy, and its easy to blame him. i can tell you, hes not a bad teacher, and even if he were, the most important learning doesn't come from the lecturing.</p>

<p>i dont know how the test writing works, but ive heard that his tests tend to be significantly harder. i think both lecturers have the same test though; maybe they were just talking about the tests getting harder once he got involved with calc I the last year or two.</p>

<p>jane smith was my preview advisor. she seemed nice.</p>

<p>How can you tell who your professor is?</p>

<p>If you look under "My textbooks" under ISIS, it shows some of the professors who are teaching your classes. However, in my case some of my professors aren't showing up. Seeing that my schedule adjustment time is today, it would be nice to know what professors I have been assigned.</p>

<p>Jankrav, if son got a 4 on the AP Calc test and already has credit for the class, why is he taking it again? </p>

<p>That may be a dumb question, but I am curious. My D also got credit for the MAC 2311 by passing the AP test, and has found no need to take the class.</p>

<p>lack in faith in AP exams.</p>

<p>i passed AP calc and IB math and my advisor still told me to retake calc 1...</p>

<p>Engineering advisors also advised D who got a 5 on AP calc b/c to start with calc 1, minimally calc 2. However, H, who's an engineer and knows D's abilities, told her to not listen. She began with Calc 3 and got an A- w/ one of UF's most difficult profs. You need to understand your abilities. If you are concerned that you "lucked out" on the exam, or that you really want a stronger foundation because you fear you need a better one, or if you only need one calc class for your major so why bother taking a more advanced one if you don't have to ... then retake calc 1. If you need lots of math, are truly gifted in math, you might want to start higher. Again, "know thyself." :)</p>


to find out who your professor is go to then click on courses on the right and a page will pop up and click, for instance, fall 2010 and another page will pop up and find the classes u sign up for and it'll show you the section number and time and professor/TA. </p>

<p>Also, I am currently taking MAC2311 and my professor is Jane smith. I took it in Spring 2010 and failed it mainly because I hated my TA. Every class at UF in undergrad is difficult and will require a lot of studying. Smith is really nice she tried to help me however, it was too late. Her exams are very difficult and very tricky. They want to "weed" out the kids that don't try. I personally think how well you do in the class depends on how well your TA can teach you and if you do the homework and keep up with the material. Also a very good TA that i took this summer is Duc Hyunh, he's extremely smart and shows you all the tricks and helps you out on the quizzes.</p>

<p>Also in Spring my lecturer was Kozinski, however Jane Smith was in charge of writing the exams, he was ok. Kind of boring. I heard from friends that Kozinski is harder than Jane, I wouldn't know because I've only had jane and she's tough.</p>

<p>Office</a> of the University Registrar</p>

<p>this is an easy way of finding out what sections are going to be used in the fall (as well as who is instructing them). So using this you can find out what sections exist without having to wait and see for sections to open up on ISIS</p>


<p>i also had Duc Hyunh as a TA. hard to understand sometimes but is good people. highly recommend hanging out with him before exams to do the review in his office.</p>

<p>Some of the instructors dont appear on the registrar. Also, others are listed as "Staff"</p>

<p>Thanks to all for their advice...most helpful. S's preview advisor recommended taking MAC 2311 even if you passed the AP calc A/B test. Heard that MAC 2312 is pretty hard, so going over the material again in MAC 2311 doesn't seem like a bad option. Fall freshman have quite a lot to get used to at UF, and it doesn't seem prudent for him to possibly get in over his head in MAC 2312.</p>

<p>I have a professor named Jie Li..Does anyone know anything about ..her?</p>