Mac credit load

<p>Does anyone know the maximum credit load per semester?</p>

<p>I've heard that it is 17 credits, but that seems rather tight considering that some majors require 130 credits (16.25 per semester)...</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I doubt it is 17 credits. Though my UM son never needed more than 15 credits a semester (started with 45), my other son (also with 45 credits to start) is at another college and due to his major (engineering) he has had 18-19 credits every semester, and that is just to stay on track for his 4 years. I don't think science/engineering majors would have much opportunity for less that 18 credits due to lecture/lab/recitation classes for one course.</p>

<p>You can always email an advisor at UM for the answer.</p>

<p>"Max" is 18. More than that and you need an override. Most advisers have no problem giving out the overrides though.</p>

<p>Maybe in other departments it's 18, but in A&S it's 17 credits. To take 18 credits you need an override. They'll give you an override as long as you have a good (3.5+) GPA. They don't give overrides to freshman (your advisor may, but then it has to go to the dean for approval, and I don't think she will give it to you).</p>

<p>Crador, which majors require 130 credits? For a bachelor of science degree isn't it a total of 120 credits?</p>

<p>The neuroscience major requires 130 credits. Then again, it may be the only major with this requirement, I'm not sure.</p>