Mac ED/EA 2025

Hello everyone!

Has anyone applied ED1 or EA to Mac yet? I just sent in my EA application from North Carolina!

Hoping my location essay wasn’t too conventional and dry, but I tried to name names of Mac clubs, centers, and community organizations.

I don’t know what the finaid will be like but this is certainly one of my top schools, so I’m really really hoping I get in.

Feel free to reply with where you’re from, major if decided, application plan, and anything else! Hope everyone is staying safe :slight_smile:

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@Miracle03 Awesome!! Best of luck to you! I am glad Mac notifies us in December-- for one of my schools I applied in mid-October and have to wait until late January for a reply!

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Yh, the waiting won’t be so long. I hope we get in!

Anyone hear anything yet for EA or ED? My son applied EA.

Daughter applied EA. Haven’t heard anything yet, but we were slow submitting all the financial documents. We are in IL, too.

It’s my understanding that EA will be December 20. FYI…the ED decisions were released at 3:00 yesterday.


Daughter got email today saying her app was complete and “now we have the honor of reviewing it”. It’s been complete for weeks so they must be moving them along now. The letter also stated decisions will be no later than the 20th so check portal to ensure contact info was correct.

cmm2003: My daughter got the same message today. I believe it was prompted by the school inputing mid-year reports provided by their high schools. Good luck to your daughter!!!

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Good luck to your daughter, as well! My daughter has exams next week. How did your daughter submit grades? Request to counselor?

We also received an email stating that they were reviewing D21s application. Strange as she was accepted ED on Sunday! Good luck to yours and Go Scots!

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Congrats to her! Must feel great to be done!

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Hi, I’m Adele from Beijing, China. I also applied EA! I had a conversation with a current Mac student before applying, and the great intern opportunities and psychology branch really fascinate me.
I’ve just been rejected by Vassar (ED) probably because of my nationality and my current location. The 2025 ED acceptance of Vassar in mainland China has been crazily weird comparing with the previous years. I hope Mac can be the one that helps me get out of this​:sob::sob:
Good luck to us!


Good luck, Adele! Keep us posted!

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My daughter’s H.S. Grades on semester (ends Jan 20). She requested her counselor to submit current grade status and pacing with an explanation of the grading schedule. She then spoke to her admin rep at MAC to ensure all was good with the update. How about you?

Yes, mine is on semesters, too. I guess I thought she would send them after the semester ended. I better tell her to call on Monday! Thanks!

Did the school request that she do this, or was it on her own? My daughter only submitted through end of year last year for EA. Also, she is applying test optional. Do your kids have scores to send?

MAC required it via her application checklist and followup admissions email.

My daughter was able to take the SAT… the score was in MAC’s middle 50% (although lower half) so we submitted it.

Fingers crossed to all!

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@annegp Mine did not submit test scores as her ACT was kind of meh. They did notify her about submitting first nine weeks grades. They fell right around the November 1 deadline so we sent them a bit later.

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Hi everyone. Do you know when decisions will be posted? Is it Dec 20 or maybe earlier?

Yes, my son submitted his score of 35. Counselor submitted first quarter grades also.

Most schools are starting to announce EA and ED release dates via email. Hoping Mac does too. The waiting is hard!

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