<p>I am looking to buy a macbook pro or air and I remember that the emory bookstore had some specail deal closeouts but I can't seem to find them. Does anyone know about this TIA</p>

<p>its the same discount that apple offers for back to school. just make a apple account with your emory email. that should give you the educational discount which is only about $50 for the air. just get the pro 13" you get $100 off and $100 in apple app card and free printer but you need to do a rebate for that.</p>

<p>so the bookstore sells this? do you think it will be a madhouse if she goes to purchase it on Sunday the 21st? Is there a way to preorder it? Thank you so much for responding. Does anybody know where on the website they show the macs that they have in stock? Thanks again!</p>

<p>the bookstore probably does sell it but it would be better just to buy from apple directly. there is a apple store in the mall near emory that you can go and buy. you would get the discount and the extra $100 apple app card. i think in bookstore you only get the student discount on the mac but not any other stuff</p>

<p>thank you. I just thought that I would save time by buying it at the bookstore because I assume move in will be so hectic. And I for sure do not want to lug it from here. But it may be in my best interest to just go to the apple store in atlanta. i will have to check it out. thanks!</p>