Macalester College Fall 2021 Transfer

Anyone waiting for results? :slight_smile:

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yes! glad someone made a forum for this

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Yey!! :laughing:
Do you have any idea when we will hear back? I hope it’s before 5/15…

hoping to hear back soon! any bets for when they’re releasing?

In 2016, it looks like the decisions came out on May 8th (Sun) so maybe this Sunday? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

well, I guess it wasn’t Sunday! definitely within the week (hopefully sooner rather than later)! good luck everyone!

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anyone else checking their portal compulsively haha

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Sent an update email to admissions and they said that decisions will be released this weekend

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oh god, likely today or tomorrow! good luck everyone!

I guess tomorrow! Good luck!!

Rejected, guess they didn’t like my letter : /

Accepted :relaxed: