Macalester Contingency Clause

Hi everyone, I’m very excited to have been admitted RD to the class of 2024 at Macalester. Of the colleges I’ve been accepted to, Mac is my top choice and I’m super hyped to attend in the Fall.

My academic record is strong and consists of mostly A’s with tons of dual enrollment courses. However, I’m concerned that I might make a C in one of my current dual enrolled courses this final semester of high school. Macalester’s contingency clause states that

“Macalester’s offer of admission is contingent upon your successful completion of all secondary school coursework at a level similar to your previous work, upon which our offer is based, and your continuing to meet the standards expected for admission to Macalester, as determined in its sole discretion.”

I haven’t made a C in quite a long time, so making one now would be uncharacteristic relative to my transcripts. I’m very concerned that my offer may be revoked if I’m not able to increase my final grade for this course. I suppose I’m just looking for reassurance. Is it irrational to think that I would have my offer revoked over one C? Or is there a chance that that may happen?

I wouldn’t worry about one C. That clause is more for students who totally check out and fail a number of classes. Plus, all schools are going to be much more forgiving than usual due to the unprecedented issues related to the pandemic.

I went from an A- to a D in my AB calc class my senior spring. Mac contacted me and basically asked me to explain the circumstances of the dip. I told them that honestly I was more focused on friends than school at the moment, and there was no issue with me attending in the fall.

Good luck ! :slight_smile: