Macalester Regular Decision 2022

Hey everyone! I thought I’d start a new discussion about Macalester 2022 since one hasn’t been made specifically for Regular Decision! Does anyone know when we hear back?

I think we hear back on 30th March…which is WAY too long.
International RD applicant here, majoring in something International Studies related.

Wow that is sooo late! Mac is one of my top choices too! I guess it will be quite the waiting game!

Mac is one of my top choices too!

March 30 may be the official “notify by” date, but if you look back at previous versions of this thread, most people have heard earlier. Last year, March 12.

Anyone know whether Mac releases some decisions early (i.e. like Grinnell) or do they release all at once in March?

hey there,does anyone know if a subject test is required for this college?

They’re not required.

hey! Applied RD to mac, and it’s one of my top choices!

Decisions could come soon. They came on a Sunday in the middle of the month last year.

I think Mac said they would release decisions on 3/30

He last few years they’ve released the first Sunday of their spring break which is today


Wait so if it is today what time do you guy’s think it’ll come out?

@maddie313 I would say 5:00 PM Central time, usually the time office closes. It’s reasonable to expect they come out today I believe…

Does anyone know if they post the admission result on the student portal, or if they only notify you through mail?

From what I have gathered from old threads here, for the past two years, Mac has posted admit decisions on the portal before sending out emails. It was around 4-5 pm central time on the Sunday before spring break (which is today this year). Also, they post financial aid info at the same time for you. Good luck to all of you!

Decisions out!!
Rejected - 1480 SAT, 4.0 GPA, international with great essays and tons of extracurriculars. I needed a lot of financial aid, so that’s probably why. Cheers.

Accepted - 34 ACT, 38/42 Full IB Diploma, unique ECs with high level of achievement, dunno about essays. International

Accepted - 1470 SAT, 3.51 GPA (with STEEP uphill trend) … I normally don’t post stats but I want people who have lower GPAs like mine to have hope that they WILL get in somewhere because I didn’t think I was going to get accepted anywhere.