Macalester vs Emory University for Pre-med Major?

Which school will give me a better chance of attending medical school? Get a better college GPA (assuming I put in the same amount of work)? Better attention from Pre-health advising?

Your help is much appreciated.

schools don’t “give chances”. Nobody has pixie dust or a special way of teaching that other colleges don’t. You earn a shot at med school by studying hard, getting to know some profs for good recs, taking part in medicine-related ECs. It may be harder at colleges known for grade deflation or ultra-competitive premed students. Nor can you expect much attention initiated by advisors; you want to talk to someone then make an appt.

Of more importance when thinking about colleges is to find out whether they support all med school applicants or have screening for the committee letter. Colleges can get an impressive admit rate by writing positive letters only for those they judge to have a good chance of admission.

Macalester is smaller and supportive, so off the bat it’s probably a better environment, but no college gets you into med school.
Also, premed is an intention, not a major. You need to complete a full, solid major AND do extremely well in premed pre-reqs.

You’ll need a good MCAT score more than a certain college.