Macalester Vs Grinnell Vs Emory Oxford Vs Carleton for Pre-med Major?

Hi, I am currently a high school senior and deciding which school to ED. I want to go to medical school after four years of college, which school do you guys think will give me the best chance to do that.

For some info, I am a US citizen living abroad. I currently attend an international high school in Asia. I was offered to play baseball at Grinnell, Macalester, and Emory Oxford.

Thank you so much for your help!

Honestly, any of those schools would be fine. Choose the one you like the best that will cost you the least money because med school is expensive. Applying ED means you’re at their mercy for aid, so run some NPC’s on their sites.

Also, not sure if you’re aware, but pre-med isn’t really a major - and shouldn’t be in the few places where it is. You should be deciding what you want to major in. Med schools don’t care - they just want to see a major. Pick what you like, because that’s what you’re likely to get better grades in.

And finally, have a Plan B because over half of those who actually apply to med school don’t make it in anywhere, and there are more who don’t even apply having changed their minds or not getting the grades/scores to be competitive. Acceptance rate to at least one med school is just 42.3% currently. The major you choose can factor into your Plan B. If you get in and don’t need Plan B, great! 42.3%+/- do every year. But if you’re among the 57.7% percent, having a Plan B is critical.

Here’s the latest actual stats as per AAMC:


I think grinnell’s baseball program is well regarded, led by a longtime coach. There are some videos on youtube if you search grinnell college baseball. “Day in the life”- type stuff. Seemed like a good atmosphere. Grinnell is also strong for premed. Can’t really speak to the other schools, but I would think your intercollegiate athletics career would be over after the 2years at Oxford, if I understand how Emory works— so that might be less ideal. Good luck!