Macaulay at Baruch?

I’m a newly accepted student to the Macaulay Honors College at Baruch. I didn’t apply to many other schools since I have to stay in NYC so I don’t have much other options that are on the same level as this college. For example I got accepted into Fordham and St. John’s but my income doesn’t allow for a good financial aid. Anyways, I applied to both Baruch and Hunter, which I’m afraid was a mistake because I only got into the Baruch campus. I have no interest in business or finance at all. I’m more premed oriented so I’m more interested in the biological sciences field. Would going to Macaulay at Baruch hinder my education or my chances to succeed as a premed student? Or should I transfer out after my first year? How is Macaulay at Baruch really?

Based on my understanding Baruch is more into business area (Finance, accounting, marketing) but not really into premed or biological sci. I think Brooklyn college or other campus are more specialized into your area. You may need to talk to the CUNY or MHC advisors see what you may need to do about transfer … etc.

As a macualy student you have access to all the CUNYS so you can take classes at Hunter or Brooklyn if you like.