Macaulay Honors at Brooklyn College Class of 2024

So I got accepted into the Macaulay Honors Program at Brooklyn College. And I’ve heard good things and bad things about this program. My question for those of you who are in the Macaulay Honors Program at Brooklyn College or just in general, how helpful are the advisors? If I need help with assignments or studying for exams, where is the best place I can go to get support? How heavy is the workload for Macaulay students? Or at Brooklyn College in general? Also,my intended major for the Macaulay Honors Program is biology and I was just wondering how good the biology classes at Brooklyn college are and if it’s worth going? Also any tips on how to maintain the required GPA which is 3.5? Please help out an incoming freshman! (also comment down below if you’re also a Macaulay Honors Student for the class of 2024 and your thoughts on joining Macaulay this year!) Thank you!

My son is completing his junior year at Macaulay Honors College - John Jay. He double majors in Political Science and Computer Science. He minors in Comparative/International Politics and Human Rights and I think also Russian. I don’t think he would have been able to have such a combination at many other schools. He gets a lot of support from his advisor who helps him navigate diverse interests. As far as work load, he (and his Macaulay friends) maintains the GPA even with the two majors, interning full-time at the United Nations and being an NCAA athlete. In my view, Macaulay Honors college offers a great education that can be crafted to your your goals. If your campus doesn’t have what your looking for, you have all the other campuses that may offer classes that fit your goals, i.e., my son takes his Russian classes at Hunter. The program is further enriched by internships, study abroad, and other experiential learning opportunities that help students realize leadership potential and graduate with little or no debt. (I like that last part.)

Also check out the numerous awards students have earned in only 20 years of Macaulay being around. It’s also Nationally ranked as one of the top 7 honors colleges in the nation and I would think its reputation has something to do with my son getting prestigious research opportunities, internships and study abroad opportunities.

I have no idea how much my son or his friends study, but they seem to be having a great time. Most have been abroad to really interesting places including Russia, Norway, Cuba, Greece, the Baltics. Most secured very prestigious research opportunities this summer (now nixed because of Corona), but from my view as a parent, it has been a great experience. My daughter went to a big state school and the experience, with regard to advisement, was not comparable.

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