Macaulay Honors College at Hunter Graduate 2012 AMA

Dear prospective (or current) Macaulay students (or their parents),

I graduated Macaulay Honors College at Hunter (technically CUNY BA) in 2012. Having spent on a lot of time neurotically on student doctor network in the past year or so, I decided I should give back to the honors college community.

As one of my supervisors said of the research we’re conducting: without outcomes, the research would be useless. I’m 8 years out of a Macaulay degree. Obviously outcomes need to be measured at many time points, but I’m more than happy to offer some insights from this time point.

Just some background about me: I studied abroad 2-3 times in college (2 were funded by the honors college, a winter semester and a spring semester and the summer term was funded by my parents). I worked/interned almost every semester during college. I majored in social sciences e.g. geography, anthropology, urban studies, etc. I went on to get a master’s degree in anthropology (also on scholarship/graduate stipend) and then I worked in nonprofit in NYC for a few years. Later, I completed a premed postbac program in 2018-2019 and applied to medical school. I will matriculate to a public medical school in NJ this summer.