Macaulay Honors College Class of 2024

My son just submitted his application to Macaulay. I saw a thread for the Class of 2023. I started one off for the Class of 2024. Good luck to all who applied!

Does anyone know about Macaulay at Queens College?

I have an interview for Macaulay the fourteenth!!! I’m nervous but trying to get pumped!!!

What school did you apply for within Macaulay? Also whats ur stats?

CSI (my relatives are alumni).

Some stats:

SAT of 1310.
GPA is 97.99 weighted.
Rank is 161 out of 853.
ECs are pretty good, I think.
LOCs are probably decent to good (I submitted three).
Essays are probably meh.

Congrats! I’m waiting on Hunters interview. I don’t know when they come out

My stats are about the same but i applied to Baruch and John Jay and I haven’t heard about an interview yet. Do they email you? My last name is also pretty close to the end of the alphabet so maybe that’s it?

The school called me, although I’ve heard that some schools call or email for interviews later on. My last name is also near the end of the list.

Do you know if Macaulay at Brooklyn College also does interviews? I might just not end up getting one, but I want to know if it’s still possible.

Only certain colleges require an interview for Macaulay Honors. Good luck to everyone.

hi, anyone got an interview to Macaulay Baruch?

Which colleges do not require an interview for Macaulay?

I applied for Macaulay at City College - any idea if they require an interview or when I would hear back?

Emails are sent out on March 15th.

I just got an email about an interview for Macaulay at John Jay! The available dates for the interview were for next week and I was shocked at how soon it was.

I applied to Macaulay Baruch ,got acceptance to Baruch today, that is mean I did not get in Macaulay?

Congrats on Baruch that’s my top school but I didn’t hear back yet. Macaulay decisions come out March 15th or 16th I’m pretty sure

Hi. Did anyone who was accepted to Queens College see two different numbers on the Cunyfirst App? One acceptance was with reccomendors, the other one was without. Why are there two acceptances numbers for the same college?

I applied for Macaulay Lehman to get a B.S. in physics. Anyone know how the physics programs are at Lehman?

Btw, I had my interview at Lehman a while ago. The interviews are moreso information sessions so prepare your questions about the Macaulay Honors program beforehand! And good luck to everyone :blush:

I don’t think Hunter gives out interviews.