Macaulay Honors Laptops

I heard that the laptops would be MacBook Pros and that the schools have downloaded specific programs on them. Are we allowed to keep the laptops? As in not returning them? I’m planning on buying a new laptop that’ll have better features so I’m wondering if I can sell the laptop given to Macaulay students and download the necessary apps to a better laptop.

Hey there! Congrats on your acceptance :slight_smile: the laptops that Macaulay provides are MacBook Airs (the silver ones, not the new ones). Yes, you can keep the laptop but they are owned by Macaulay. So if you were to transfer schools, you would have to return the laptop. You don’t own the laptop until your junior year, where you can buy the laptop from Macaulay for $1. You could always use another laptop and not touch the MacBook Air, and when you officially purchase it, you could sel

Thanks :)!

I would just use theirs, if you take it and hold it for 3 year sitting in the box it will not be worth much at all, and if they give you mac’s it makes sense to use a Mac.