Macbook Pro 13" or 15"

<p>I will be majoring in business and I am getting a new laptop for college. Is the 13" too small or is the 15" too big to carry to class everyday?
I don't know which one to pick.</p>

<p>I find the 15" perfect. It gives me good screen real estate while not being too burdensome. I mean I’m a skinny Asian guy and I would prefer carrying a 13", believe me, but the power that the 15" offers and the screen size, I think the extra weight is worth it.</p>

<p>However, I recommend you go to the Apple Store and check it out. It’s there for a reason. But what do you plan on doing with your laptop exactly? No 3D games (Starcraft 2, COD4, etc.) I’m assuming?</p>

<p>13" is the way to go if you just need a solid portable laptop, but I used a 15" the other day and it really made me want to head straight for an apple store and pick one up. The screen size is just right and the internal specs are pretty good too. I was really amazed with the battery life. It’s rated for 7 hours so you’ll probably get around 5 or 6 with normal usage. Thats amazing to me, though i had a dell 15" for a couple years back in high school that would last maybe a couple hours at best. I’d head to an apple store and try each out if you’re near one. Make it alot easier to decide.</p>

<p>I have a 15-inch widescreen MacPro. It’s not the lightest smallest laptop, but it’s not a pain to carry around either. I’ve never used a 13-inch, but from what I’ve seen it’s definitely more portable. On the other hand, as long as you’ve got a carrier, it shouldn’t be hard at all. The 15-inch has excellent battery, so you can last a pretty long time without a charger.
I think the 15-inch would be better for college. Also, Macs are nothing like Dell. I had an Inspiron for about two years, and it’s literally a piece of junk now. I’ve had my Mac for a year now and my dad for two years before me and I can see it lasting quite a while.</p>

<p>I’m in Hschool with the 2011 17 inch models and they’re stunning and not that heavy… I have lugged aroun my friends 14/15 inch windows that weigh more than the 17 inch laptop, are fatter, are slower and have a 4 hr battery tops while the 17 is thin and not as heavy as it’s said to be… That said I am a big guy myself so it’s lighter for me than others :p</p>

<p>I would say the 15 is an ezcellent balance between power and portAbilty… And the higher res screen let’s more stuff be open and visible at the same time… </p>

<p>Go for 15 nd consider the 17… Dont bother with the 13</p>

<p>The 13" model is the most popular on my campus. Unless you plan to do heavy graphic design, you don’t need the extra screen real estate.</p>

<p>Apple wise there is a big difference in form factor between 13 and 15. In WinLand, a 12.5" X220 or even 11" MX11R are not significantly smaller than a vanilla 14"…</p>

<p>I just got the 13 inch MBP last Saturday, using it here right now, and I love it. I’d never go for the 15 inch, but that’s me. Previously, I had a 17 inch laptop and it was just too big. 13 is great for taking it around a college campus a lot.</p>

<p>If you plan on carrying the laptop around with you a lot, I would go with the 13 inch. The extra weight can be annoying. If the graphics features are more important, consider the 15 inch. I would suggest going to a store where they carry each and then you can see for yourself. Best Buy carries both.</p>

<p>^Go to a store and look, I agree with that, but when you buy it, don’t get it at Best Buy as ^ suggested. Apple has the college promotion on this summer, so get it there ($100 off the laptop- education discount as always, plus $100 iTunes/Mac App store giftcard, and $100 off a printer)</p>