Macro and Micro

<p>Hey all!</p>

<p>I wanted to ask question about the macroeconomics and microeconomics test. I noticed that both tests were covered under the same fee. Would this mean that both tests are considered as one AP class? I don't believe so, but I just want to cover my bases, so I don't notice in September that I'm not a National AP Scholar because I didn't take both.</p>


<p>High schools may choose to teach either or both parts, and students may choose to take either or both tests.</p>

<p>Colleges’ introductory economics courses may be either in two courses for micro and macro, or one combined course. If AP scores are allowed to skip, and there are two courses, then the correspondence is obvious. If AP scores are allowed to skip, and there is one combined course, you likely need both APs to skip the one course.</p>

<p>I reread my original post, and noticed a glaring error. I had meant to write “test” instead of “class.” The intent of my post was to determine if taking just macroeconomics or microeconomics, but not the other, would still count as one test taken towards National AP Scholar (considering a 4+ score).</p>

<p>yea each counts as an individual ap test taken, so if you take both, you have taken 2 ap exams</p>